Why choose to work with Logistician

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Modular, Flexible and Tailored Solutions

Manage your logistics faster, cheaper and more effectively

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Full Logic Based Automation

Assign drivers to relevant jobs automatically and dispatch on demand courier services

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Monitored And Tracked 24/7

Real Time Fleet Tracking and Cargo Tracing


Cutting Edge Logistics Solutions

We develop customised online systems to enable you to manage, track and report on vehicles and shipments easily and in real time.  We help build your capacity in-house where needed, such that it adds value to your existing operations, through comprehensive analysis of your business needs.

Logistician offer tailored logistics planning services spanning the whole global logistics industry; our extensive supply chain management expertise, built over a decade in global logistics delivery mean we can meet highly specific transport and logistics planning requirements across sectors.

We develop your integrated TMS(transport management system), end to end. Logistician’s expert team pay attention to your specific current and future needs, to best integrate and co-ordinate your recommended transportation management services.  We can combine in-house capacity development, together with outsourced services, or work with you to develop customised support, where Logistician directly deliver all your products or packages transport and logistics, whatever your size of business.

With modular, flexible supply chain management support, you control your operational budgets and can have confidence that you are only paying for what you need.

Detailed consultancy support ensures your complete satisfaction, whether you choose to let us handle your vehicle and fleet management with our industry leading TMS, or help build your online systems to integrate your transport and logistics operations, so you can focus on key business operations with the confidence of timely, efficient delivery wherever and whenever needed.

Logistician Transportation Management System

Fleet Management

Manage, track, trace, monitor your entire fleet from your online dashboard. Assign drivers to their nearest jobs, based on your own automated logistics management system


Our TMS is made in a multilingual format so that you can run and operate using the same system in different countries and multiple languages

Automated Logics

Whatever operational systems you currently use, set these parameters into the system. Define your digitisation and automated processes with ease

Simplified Reporting

Obtain detailed reports in alternative and user-friendly formats to monitor your operations at a moment’s notice and tailor them for different audience from an easy to follow system

Real-Time Tracking

Real time vehicle tracking system for transportation fleets and container shipping mean you can answer customer enquiries within seconds. Change routes, reschedule and manage more flexibly for better control.


Integrate your operational systems to co-ordinate inventory orders with goods in transit and placing supply chain purchases instantly.  Become more transparent, while sharing data securely with business partners
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