With apps like Uber, your taxi hire companycan enjoy a comprehensive taxi software solutionthat gives your business a more efficiently run transport servicethat passengers will appreciate.  A cutting-edge, feature-rich TMS system (transport management system) can offer digital tools to scale your customer focussed business up or down.  Flexible, modular options can be selected according to cash-flow and changing business needs, enabling you to compete more effectively in the on-demand economy. With a small up-front investment, you remain profitable longer term in a complex and highly competitive taxi hire industry.

An system that integrates with tools you already use and is configurable for different user needs within your team means your online taxi fleet management system, or software for an individual private taxi owner, allows for:

  • smoother, consistent and reliable business operations across your fleet, or as an owner-driver
  • increased customer take up with attractive pricing and more
  • enhanced customer loyalty with a personalised service for regulars
  • enhanced staff loyalty through bonus systems for strong performance
  • transformation of your daily operations into a simpler, more sustainable enterprise with automated processes


From a customer perspective, features such as an automated taxi cost calculator, fixed fares, online customer reviews and driver profile combine to ensure your customers are confident of your driver’s trustworthiness.  When basic modules are combined with push notifications of special deals, you build relationships with customers to last.

For fleet business development, you can track drivers in real time, record your team’s performance and identify potentially lucrative service niches, such as exploiting new areas for coverage, such as event management, or see where your business is leaking profits in congestion areas, or poor driving habits.


Which System Works Best?

The tried and testedtaxi booking appis often a clone of the Uber model.  When researching taxi company softwareoptions to improve your efficiency,  be sure to check out providers of more flexible systems  to meet your particular business situation. Some modular packages offer add-ons to match your current range of transport services, or help you better meet your future business objectives. Being able to scale up, or diversify into new services is vital for competing in the new online transport industry.

By recording and monitoring your business activity, then reviewing simple to understand, flexibly formatted reports, you can develop strategies to remain relevant to customers and prioritise future direction. Whether you’re a taxi hire company or are an owner-driver, software should include:

  • user-friendly features for drivers and passengers
  • efficient taxi booking appfeatures that allow passengers to track their ride from original booking, through to drop off
  • passenger security extras, such as connectivity with social sharing platforms, for your customers to tell people they are on their way and their ETA
  • one or two clicks to respond quickly and effectively to passenger requests share your registration details, name and even phone number
  • systems to agree or even settle fees in advance
  • push notifications for drivers of customers waiting, risk alerts, or other information
  • a well-organised, intuitive admin dashboard to monitor and manage the different day to day management of drivers and fleet
  • automated calculations of optimal routes and driver selection
  • vehicle tracking in real time
  • monitoring and reporting options for all aspects of taxi driverperformance
  • real time insights to identify training needs and improve service on the fly
  • automatic suggestions for altered routes via GPS connectivity where necessary for driver and passenger safety, or speed
  • create customisable reports that can be formatted according to needs of staff, accountants, or audit services
  • clear analytics illustrations for key business performance indicators, making for easy comparisons across teams, defined geographical areas, vehicle types and more
  • data resources that build flexibility and strategic strength
  • effective system back-up to minimise down-time
  • IT industry standards for data security: storage and transfer
  • Selected data sharing functions with partner companies, third party providers or regulatory bodies
  • integration with accounts, marketing or other functions


For individual owner drivers, calculating profitable routes and fuel costs can be tricky. Automated systems allow lone operators to assess the value of a ride and easily decide where and when to make stops to refuel with more on board localised information.

Taxi driverscan receive push notification of any job from their preferred online taxi companiesand simply click to accept the ride to earn flexibly.  Customer service automation via SMS customer booking confirmations, invoicing for self-employed drivers working as third party service providers and more between, taxi apps cam simplify the life of the self-employed taxi driver.

In short, taxi TMS systemscould smooth many aspects of business operations and help to identify areas to make savings and improve profitability, ensuring you remain viable and in a stronger position to diversify if this is your long term plan.