Traditionally, company success was built upon finding the right talent for your teams and investing in the right plant machinery to progress your business objectives quickly and expertly.  Increasingly, however, while personnel is still important for creating the competitive edge for business, technical capacity is key to automating, streamlining and enhancing systems, simplifying often sophisticated processes, whilst offering intelligent feedback on current operations, together with facilitating cost savings.

Where margins are increasingly tight in competitive markets, such as in the local, national or international transport and logisticssectors, any cost savings which drive your innovation and development could make the difference in keeping you ahead of competitors.

However, established businesses in particular continue to struggle to make the leap from traditional technological platforms and systems to new solutions. New ventures struggle to find the capital for IT system investment.  Given the speed of technological innovation, it is important to recognise major fundamental shifts in freight forwarding and brokerage technologies.

Being well-informed and partnering with the right transport management system (TMS) service provideris vital.  Forward looking TMS software providers are building obsolescence and longevity into their systems to secure new Service Level Agreements and contracts with service users in the commercial transport industry.


TMS Software Speeds Up T&L and Cutting Costs:

Benefits of Adopting TMS Innovation

TMS software solutionsmaximise returns on your T&L expenditure.  A modular, flexible and configurable TMS system helps with automation, consolidation of data, rationalisation of processes, ease of monitoring and machine collaboration for timely decision making.  Machine learning means companies can increasingly anticipate demand and plan shipment detail more accurately for improved customer service and supply chain loyalty that gives you an edge.   Interactivity in real time, such as freight tendering processes help you negotiate the best possible terms, based on well analysed and presented data.  Collaborative functionality across your supply chain builds confidence and your brand reach.

Increase Business Productivity

Integrated TMS data, viewed via a single dashboard and easily navigated vastly simplifies processes. You staff manage transportation requirements more efficiently, based on real time data, so you can reduce capacity redundancy and less than truckload problems.  Document processing automation and electronic collaboration across your supply chains can be automated, so from visible order entry and service booking to fee settlement, you can:

  • enhance your freight forwarding customer service
  • control fleet deployment in real time
  • communicate with fleet operatives for instant redeployment or pit stop refuelling and maintenance
  • improve overall logistics management effectiveness through analytics reports produced in a variety of simple to follow formats
  • save on time and costs from greater insights into cost leakage.


Ensuring End-To-End Visibility And Service Quality

Enjoy real-time insights into local, regional or global shipping operations across all transportation modes and sectors and be able to report accurately to statutory and private partners alike. Monitor and report at a moment’s notice with in-house hosting or cloud TMS options that can be configured for access authority and input.

Digitised operational systems mean managers can achieve greater clarity on overhead in real time and minimise business profit leakage with:


  • electronic tracking and tracing of vehicles, personnel, information and cargo in real-time
  • secure document flow between departments and supply chain partner networks
  • automated freight consolidation optimises resource, increases capacity and enhances per load profits
  • data-driven negotiation on freight rates, more automated warehouse management and data sharing increases efficiency and transparency
  • machine collaboration on decision making via artificial intelligence speeds up operational and strategic management, making your company smarter
  • immediate report creation in a variety of formats support simpler audit and compliance
  • decreased risk of human error, absenteeism or sabotage means you can concentrate on innovation, rather than crisis management


Improving Cash-Flow on Freight Forwarding Process

Perhaps one of the greatest attractions for TMS software investment is the proven time and cost savings.  Flexible and ready-made TMS modulescan suit a variety of budgets and business development phases. Cost minimisation is the holy grail of daily business.  TMS supports this with:


  • Reduced unplanned additional charges based on system intelligence that includes built in localised, international and supply chain partner intel, regulatory environments and risk alerts, updated in real time and communicated via push notifications and emails, as well as external, independent communications platforms integrations;
  • Eliminate invoice or shipping cargo detail errors and omissions with accurate, up to the moment documentation automation, automated cost calculations and connectivity with e.g. weighing systems in the field;
  • Minimise disputes with integrated system accuracy and the ‘internet of things’. Enjoy automated system recommendations and confirmations on service negotiations;
  • Automate accrual generation, auditing and charge tracking.


Standardised Logistics Processand Operational Management

Consistency in logistics processperformance builds confidence from positive customer experience and frees up your teams for strategic development, rather than focussing on unnecessary checks and time-consuming, repetitive administration jobs that leave room for error.

  • Centralised freight ratesdata and negotiation, capacity control and data management via an easy to navigate dashboard makes for better connectivity across your operations, smoother transaction management and increased profits.
  • Logistician is simple to integrate, with no installation down-time and with cloud management, expect regular back up and no disruption to service.
  • Modular and ready-made options make for ease of expansion and scaling, smooth deployment and inclusive access.
  • Improve compliance


Accelerated T&L DecisionsVia Real-Time Operations Insights

  • Quickly deliver flexible reporting methods and formats to suit internal and external audiences.
  • Instantly assess all freight costs across time and location.
  • Evaluate performance via flexible options for handling transportation and logisticsdataand intelligence.
  • Create engaging, graphical and interactive dashboards with Logistician’s smart, ready-made TMS modules and custom built T&L management and monitoring solutions.


In short, speed, accountability, productivity and ultimately enhanced profits are the key factors that give T&L businesses the edge in an increasingly complex and competitive industry.