There numerous ways a customised transportation management system (TMS) benefits supply chain management and transport logistics. Unfortunately, for the less technically minded information on links between e.g. vehicle tracking hardware and logistics planning software can be confusing.  This makes decisions about investing in a TMS and whether to opt for modular solutions, or plan in information systems overhaul with customised, smart software that allows for artificial intelligence aided decision making.

Clearly, investment in sector focussed software systems can help identify efficiencies, reduce overheads and boost cash-flow, but seeing how everything fits together across departments, let alone supply chains can feel dizzying and frustrating.

As responsible solution providers, with a background in the freight management industry, we understand the concerns about effective ROI and confusion in relation to how smart information systems really can make a difference.

Inventory Control Via End-to-End Visibility

Shipping is complex, as is any business, particularly when data systems are fragmented across departments and incompatible with partners in your supply chain network.  Between your CRM, ERP, warehouse management systems and spreadsheets more or less cross indexed, you can be forgiven for stopping reading right this moment… But hang in here… Our aim is to simplify your logistics management and ultimately transform your business. We get it that IT can be a navigation nightmare.

A custom designed TMS is built with your users in mind. There is no value in providing sophisticated tracking systems if staff cannot optimise their use and managers cannot manipulate the data they offer to get up to the moment insights during a crisis.

Tailoring solutions allows your company to move from your existing systems towards a dedicated transportation management system in stages if needed, so that teams can familiarise themselves progressively and you can manage budgets more easily, while experiencing financial benefits and proof of product.

Alternatively, transferring data over to your new end-to-end data system can be successfully managed with a strong IT partner, who can help train your staff to gain more time in their work day, build confidence in their future career development and even restore faith in your leadership, through optimal system feature usage. Comprehensive system integration allows for the full range of financial benefits to be enjoyed.

Easily imported or exported data, produced in a variety of flexible formats to simplify accounting and payments through automated documentation, notifications, regular reporting and billing.   With artificial intelligence and machine learning, your customised system can:

  • identify over billing and overpayment,
  • automatically request refunds and
  • log due freight payments in easy-to-read and at a glance formats.


Being able manage inventory at any time and from any location with enhanced last mile delivery flexibility is made easy, with relevant push, email, or dashboard notifications, based on your criteria for importance.


There are many more possible cost savings made possible with real time information at your fingertips.   Digitally interconnected, versatile, easy to use comprehensive TMS systems that build ROI and allow supply chain transportation and logistics businesses to focus on their future development are not the future; they are already here and demand for customisable, tailored options, backed by expert IT partners, with direct T&L industry experience is growing.