On-demand trucking delivery services have really taken off in recent years, as businesses and individuals want greater convenience in ordering parcel courier services and better rates for delivery.  The growth in freelance truck delivery service providers was an inevitable business growth sector after ride-hailing, as the freight industry struggles with lack of full coverage, especially satisfying demand for express and last mile deliveries.

It is now easier than ever to use independent, owner truck drivers via a digital on demand trucking system like the Ubers and Lyfts of the ride hailing world.

For freight brokerages seeking third party suppliers, an on demand truck delivery service can be great transportation alternatives and for local furniture removals of single items, the ‘man with a van’ can be a cheap way of getting that sofa no longer needed by a friend.

For individuals who need help with moving bulky or awkward items, the owner-truck driver is a blessing compared to paying for removals companies, renting a pickup truck or van and relying on friends to help.  Scheduling a delivery or even calling on a buddy can add up to hassle, disappointment, or injury.

Despite the headline news of employment rates being stronger than they have been for a number of years, there are still many people struggling to make ends meet and running between multiple jobs to keep up a good standard of living. Becoming the local Uber for trucking is growing in popularity. Between smaller delivery jobs for people needing some extra muscle for an hour or two and regular pick up of slack for local truck delivery services, the on-demand truck delivery service provider has a way to earn a living from their vehicle, while providing a vital local service.

The Truck Owner Seeking To Grow A Business

Most stores offer delivery services for new items, such as furniture, bulky or heavy items, or other purchases, with the likes of Ocado picking up and delivering for supermarkets.  Nevertheless, the on-demand truck delivery service niche is still in its early days, leaving room for the entrepreneurial truck owner to grow a booming business around urban centres in particular.

It isn’t just that other van, lorry and truck owners will want a piece of the pie, local retail businesses can benefit from more affordable deliveries by outsourcing.  With a comprehensive digital system that allows for ratings, retailers can also guarantee high standards of delivery service.

A Convenience Industry Rolling Faster

A quick internet search reveals the increasing number of trucking start-ups based on the idea of the ride-hailing economy we are all now familiar with. On-demand delivery helps local people and businesses to connect to van and truck owners who want to earn extra cash.  Once a customer places an order for a delivery, an app-based, on-demand trucking system can broadcast out to a network of local drivers who can respond to the job faster than other delivery providers might otherwise be able to; the job is typically done within hours of the request going online.  Payment for successful delivery is handled within the app and the recipient is able to rate the speed and quality of service for future users.

Of course, pricing will vary, depending on mileage, difficulty of handling and any parking fees. A sophisticated courier management system will be able to automatically calibrate price, based on factors significant to the owner drivers.

Legal Requirements

Insurance of vehicle for commercial purposes is key. App registration will require proof of coverage, so that customers can be confident that any loss or damage will be covered.  Local authorities may demand commercial licenses, but the software allows for transparency in this regard.  GPS tracking devices also mean that drivers will be accountable when necessary, so customers and retailers or brokers using their services will know expected time of arrival for pick up and drop off.  Anyone seeking to build a network of owner-drivers for their own courier company will need to carry out some background checks on owner drivers.  Some on-demand delivery system models will cover all of the necessary legal issues, so the entrepreneur can be up and running quickly.  For specific features and benefits available with a suitable courier management system, check out more information here.