Logistician was established in 2015, after the management team combining their experience and expertise established over ten years’ working in the industry.  Sam Nouri, CEO, worked with an international logistics and trade brokerage firm, where he has built up firm relationships in the logistics sector giving his clients global reach.


With the complexity faced by so many companies wishing to trade overseas, with ever-changing geo-politics and trading conditions, Founder of Logistician, Sam Nouri, is firmly committed to offering no-nonsense logistics support to companies of all sizes and enabling them through the leveraging of Transport Management System(TMS) technology to build their capacity for overseas development.


The option to offer modular logistics solutions, which suit any business circumstances, means that the team can deliver on their commitment to helping businesses of any category move their goods more smoothly across borders and jurisdictions.


Launched in London, U.K. Logistician’s modular and flexible TMS systemis ready to be used by customers all around the world. Available in multiple languages, with built in compliance standards to ensure operational continuity, this logistics software can help business owners focus on achieving cost savings and enable speed to market for logistics service providerswho want to update their systems to remain competitive.


The Logistician management and team together bring over 10 years of experience in the fields of transport and logistics and IT software development, which makes us the perfect choice for logistics companies and expanding businesses alike.


Please talk to us about your specific business needs for the short to long term and ask us to quote you with immediately applicable solutions, or allow us to undertake a comprehensive analysis of your objectives and current capacity to build bespoke, flexible solutions to help you build your overseas operations faster and with best value.