Logistician international logistics service providers offer both direct delivery of services and provide your company with the technical capability to plan and manage your logistics faster, cheaper and more effectively. With our transport management system (TMS), you can automate processes, speed up documentation administration, be confident of compliance, wherever you operate and much more.

Logistician’s extensive transport and logistics industry expertise is consolidated into our comprehensive, user-friendly transport and logistics software options available to help brokers, forwarders and shipping companies run complex international operations more effectively than ever before.

Our modular TMS software solutions allows for flexible and responsive budget management via greater scope for on-demand logistics and flexible online systems paid for only as you need them.

What Can An Online TMS Do For Your Brokerage or Logistics Firm?

With more reliable transport and logistics management service capabilities, we help build your brand reputation for efficiency via our innovative systems.  Handle a variety of your day to day operations faster, such as:

  • Bookings
  • Collaborative features for partnership working and joint ventures
  • Security filings
  • Automated customs entries that eliminate human error and delay
  • Shipment route and schedule adjustments at a moment’s notice
  • Tracking and clear, real time reporting
  • Financial management and reporting
  • Flexible modular options for scalability

Build Your In-House Capacity

Our modular, configurable TMS software packages provide all types of standard transport and logistics solutions and develop customised support for businesses of all sizes.  We also directly deliver tailored logistics planning services to your business and across the global logistics industry; our extensive supply chain management expertise, built over ten years in the logistics sector mean we can meet highly specific transport and logistics planning requirements across sectors and develop the customized online systems for enabling you to manage, track and report on shipments easily and in real time.

Let Logistician Handle Your Logistics

We develop your integrated transport management system, end to end. Logistician’s expert team pay attention to your detailed needs to co-ordinate your necessary range of transportation management services.  Detailed consultancy support ensures your complete satisfaction, whether you choose to let us handle your logistics with our industry leading TMS, or help build your online technology to integrate your T&L operations, so you can focus on key business operations with the confidence of timely, efficient delivery wherever and whenever needed.

Logistician’s range of consultancy services includes:

  • International Freight Forwarding and Broker Services
  • Customs Clearance and Freight Brokerage
  • Online Ports, Yards and Warehousing Management System for Real Time Tracking
  • Fleet Management Software: Real Time, Flexible Routing and Scheduling
  • Fleet Optimisation with our efficient TMS System
  • On Demand Road Cargo Services
  • On Demand Delivery Services

Our Advantages

We understand international freight forwarders and their supply chains need to continually improve their service offerings and standards in order to better serve growing customer bases. With Logistician’s integrated transport management system, we help you conform to industry best practice. Contact Logistician’s transport and logistics management team today to ask about how we can deliver directly for you, or how our modular TMS software can build your in-house logistics capacity, to:


Save money and time on freight rates and transportation operations


Speed up administration and your management reporting


Increase operational visibility and scrutiny in real time and Stay compliant and financially efficient