Fleet Management and Asset Tracking

Many business need to track and trace international, regional, national and local delivery of assets and fleet location for a variety of reasons. Logistician offers peace of mind to small enterprises, medium sized, multi-site companies, through to global corporations with a variety of hardware asset tracking devices, supported by integrated, modular software solutions to suit flexible and changing business requirements and budgets.

Local, regional or international delivery tracking and fast decision making is simplified with configurable mobile applications, with delegated access rights to different features.  We can install smart vechile tracking devices, radio frequency identification (RFID), GPS tracking hardware, etc. to give you the information you need at the push of a button.

When you know more of what is happening on the ground, you have more control and choices.

  • Harness up to the moment information in easy-to-read formats on your daily fleet operations.
  • Monitor driver behaviour and security
  • Have advance notice for vehicle and equipment maintenance schedules and obligations
  • Manage information at a moment’s notice from a single dashboard
  • Increase productivity and efficiency, being able to optimise route planning and reschedule deliveries as changing demand evolves


Accurate fleet tracking data insight makes for informed decision making and strategic control.  Enjoy more efficient operations, reliable business intelligence reporting and stronger brand loyalty.

Vehicle GPS tracking devices promote safe driving, minimise liabilities and keep freight rates down, generating more transportation and delivery revenues for your company, meaning you remain competitive and sustainable over the long term.

Dashboard Data Control is Key

Integrated data systems allow for fast interpretation of fleet performance, hour by hour.  Prioritise schedules and reroute at short notice to keep your drivers healthy and protected and your vehicles viable.

Optimise asset deployment to increase productivity of personnel, vehicle maintenance, report on decisions of key management teams and keep an eye to financial management.

Data management boosts visibility at a granular, or global level, meaning you can continuously improve your operations, so you focus on your strategic path.

Logistician transport and logistical data dashboards let you see the big picture or localised smaller focussed detail of teams, sites, or departments.  See snapshots of the business and operational trends that matter most to your success.

Real Time Fleet Reporting

Deep dive into analysis of specific vehicle use and driver performance and easily see how each business variable contributes to performance and business objectives in configurable formats, such as data tables, charts, diagrams, or reports.

User friendly features mean can businesses can configure their own dashboards according to preferred parameters. Set up delegated user access, schedule events, such as reports for trade partners, accountants, or your board.

For a variety of insightful perspectives on the business, view metrics such as:

  • Fleet or itemised vehicle fuel use
  • Driver idling activity for rerouting on congested routes and compliance with health and safety rest breaks
  • Fleet utilisation by industry, locality, or other tailored parameters
  • Unauthorised vehicle use and security
  • Driver proficiency to identify training needs

Transparency and Accounting Reports

Sharing valid and relevant information can be key to building trust with clients and trading partners. Transparency builds commitment and customer and client loyalty.

Create customisable reports in a variety of formats for your teams and business associates.  Logistician’s simple, user-friendly interface make it easier for your management teams to explore, explain and illustrate operational realities and identify patterns and trends that can suggest innovations.

By visual representation of data, you can make sense of how your procedures impact your business ‘where the rubber meets the road’.  Identify business critical risks with new insights and implement filters to segment your data how you want. Set development goals around key performance metrics and improve profitability.

Some of the key strengths for reporting with Logistician data include:

  • Easy to use, flexible interface with configurable access
  • Customised report creation with selected data sets, applying variable filters and segmentating data sets as needed for accurate analysis and meaningful decision making
  • Master data visualisation and share performance information with your teams and business partners to build confidence, motivate and generate more customer commitment