Future Proofed Freight Forwarding Management Systems and Innovative Logistics and Unified Freight Brokering Solutions

Logistician helps you move local, national, regional and international freight by air, ocean, rail, and truck with maximum confidence and efficacy. We combine powerful freight management system with support from our dedicated experts to give you greater accountability, peace of mind, and control over your supply chain networks.

capacity to create future proofing scalable modular system add-ons and upgrades, or comprehensive custom solutions.  Harness the power of modern Freight Management software to support effective and efficient freight forwarding management systems your in-house teams and supply chain partners will love.  Combine Logistician’s freight brokering solutions and freight forwarding services with powerful, automated back office systems to transform how you will do business in future and remain competitive. Our flexible and configurable toolkit is tailored to your unique supply chain requirements, while meeting regulatory body and internal compliance obligations.

Let us meet with you to map your entire business process and structure your user experience to reflect the current and future needs of your teams.  Our industry expertise developed over a decade in the industry means we can offer our expert overview of your business and ensure you benefit from relevant IT solutions.

We know you value your personnel, but we help them add value. Logistician’s automated data processing and transfer reduces their workload, allowing them to focus on more strategic and creative initiatives that satisfy your customers more and gear your business up.

Imagine what innovation and development your business could achieve if your teams have the time to move onto their aspirational to do list. We empower your people to complete mundane tasks faster, so they can help refocus your overall direction.

Transparent Pricing

Enjoy instant quotes, simpler freight rates and transparent pricing systems. Automatically generated, itemized invoices alleviate administrative burdens and minimise accounting errors.  Improve trust in your services and build your brand through greater transparency and consistency.

Logical Management

Manage everything from automated booking of shipments, automated, or consistent and flexible supplier communications, through to invoice reconciliations and configurable report analysis, all from our user-friendly dashboard. Save time retrieving data and flexibly formatting information.

Real-Time Tracking

Logistician’s at a glance dashboard shows the location of your cargo at every step of its journey. Alternatively, track your fleet operatives on the move for instant reassignment, rerouting, capacity optimisation, or training needs identification.

Data On Demand

Effective supply chain decisions depend on timely, accurate data. We review your data environments to help re-structure all of your information storage, accessibility and formatting for efficient sharing, moving at your pace.  Rely on improved product, shipment, financial, personnel and supply chain partner data.  We identify areas for standardising documentation processes and implementing best practice

One Platform. Multiple Partners

Logistician’s comprehensive, competitive timely and online logistics management systems offering, supported by associated brokering and delivery support services give transport and logistics companies who partner with us the edge over their competitors.  Harness the power of our industry leading technological systems to improve your performance.

We understand that your essential transport documentation, customs filing and declaration processes need conscientious, speedy and compliant execution.

Our all-encompassing Freight Forwarding software, together with our established network of clients in the transport and logistics industry have all your T&L requirements covered.  We understand import and export brokers, international freight forwarders and their supply chains need to continually improve their service offerings and standards in order to better serve growing customer bases. With Logistician’s integrated transport management system, we help you conform to industry best practice.

Our TMS software help you reduce your costs, time and risks with customs and regulatory non-compliance, without compromise on standards.

Enhanced Productivity

Move More For Less. Enhanced productivity and ability to move more freight with fewer resources means enhanced profitability and sustainable longevity for your business. Build loyalty with your customers by passing on cost savings achieved with automation of your processes.

Clear Collaboration

Collaborate More Clearly To Compete. Faster and more effective multi-party collaboration can be established across teams within your company and in supply chains. Smooth communications and transactions with: Forwarders, Agents, Shippers, Suppliers, Accountancy and Business Services partners

Data Security

Secure Data Storage, Sharing and Transfer. Data stored and shared immediately from the cloud allows for efficient and effective communications and shipments, among multiple JV partners who can be confident their business intelligence is kept confidential and information sharing is always safe.

Secure Documentation

Support for electronic document management and secure sharing of contract and shipment files is available with Logistician’s TMS software. Rely on safe storage and data transfer that remains compliant across jurisdictions.

One Platform To Manage Everything

Our experienced team will work with your specialists to define configurable, permissioned user roles and modular products from day one.  We’ve got your data, your assets and your teams covered for a stress free transition with a future proofed freight management system that includes the following features, and more:


  1. Ability to supply instant quotes
  2. Integrate operations and data transfer environments with sellers and brokerages, shippers, transport and logistics providers and extended supply chain networks
  3. Manage shipments by transport modes:air, road, rail, ocean, multimodal
  4. Take and manage bookings automatically, or process special requirements more efficiently
  5. Track and trace loads, operatives and share real time updates and feeds between teams, across supply chains, or with customers
  6. Manage and achieve better freight ratesfor all transport modes from all points of departure, through hubs on route, to all final destinations
  7. Integrate with 3rd party service providers and shipping line systems directly for transparent comparisons to enjoy the most competitive rates
  8. Automate billing and invoicing
  9. Share access to data with clients and shippers for them to better manage their requirements through their integrated dashboards
  • to be expandable and accommodate for all agencies and offices across the continents to operate under a interlinked system
  • To remain compliant by international laws and customs and port regulation
  • To be multilingual


To find out more about how Logistician’s freight management systemmodules help you flexibly scale. Alternatively, ask about customisable options to future proof all of your transportation and logisticsand enhance your supply chain networksto enjoy added value, contact our expert team. With over ten years’ experience and knowledge, we are confident of finding the right technical solutions for your business.