Logistician On Demand Delivery Services TMS

Logistician’s TMS software, backed by our industry network, has the capacity for companies who want to take advantage of:

  • on demand trucking and dispatching,
  • want to build their own Uber for delivery trucks type business,
  • on demand courier services,
  • even taxi services.


We support the various on-demand delivery services (courier, trucking, dispatching) on all Logistician platforms, mobile and web.

Ask us about modular business software support if you are considering establishing your own ‘On Demand’ services for transport.

Logistician have ready-made modular transport management systems that can also be customised to meet all the transport and logistics needs of ‘OD transport’ industry players, their supply chains and any businesses seeking to deliver goods to customers and brokerages.

Logistician’s Ready-To-Go Modular Options and Their Advantages

Fleet Management

Manage, track, trace, monitor your entire fleet from your online dashboard. Assign drivers to their nearest jobs, based on your own automated logistics management system

Tariff Management

Set and manage tariffs for all deliveries; configure operational and local costs based on all your preferred parameters, such as weight, size, difficulty, location and so on

Customer Relationship Management

Take advantage of the CRM software data management to keep track of enquiries from all parties in one place, by creating helpdesk tickets. Integrate with warehousing, delivery GPS tracking software and more, for smoother operations and enhanced customer service

User Management

Create and manage roles for designated users to manage the system, with tailored access rights; configure read-only, versus administrative, data reporting, or other rights

Order Management

Place, manage and receive orders manually or automatically. Save time and freight costs with TMS software to suit

Automated Invoicing

Logistician’s TMS software generates invoices automatically. Keep track of all your accounting easily and share data with accountancy partners securely, swiftly and clearly.

Dispute Management

Manage and follow up on disputes amongst shippers, forwarders, drivers and relevant parties for effective, timely international supply chain management. Minimise costly litigation with prompt and automated correspondence and response

Warehouse Management

Integrate Logistician’s intelligent TMS software system with your warehouse management system (WMS), with no additional efforts

Driver Management

Schedule and route planning software, with mobile application integration allows fleet and dispatch managers to communicate efficiently with your driver at all times. Manage all relevant orders, track, reroute and communicate in real time for up to the moment logistics control

Automated dispatching

Assign drivers to relevant jobs automatically and dispatch on demand courier services quickly based on previously set location based or custom defined logics and parameters

Live Reports

Create and view live reports, flexibly formatted and based on your business parameters. Fleet GPS tracking software lets your view drivers’ locations on a map in real time for planning, optimized routing and scheduling reporting and adjustments.

ERP Integration

Enterprise resource planning systems can be easily integrated with transport management systems and all associated tools, designed with your business priorities in mind.

Logistician Can Modify its TMS to Your Exact Requirements

Flexible, Tailored Solutions. Our transportation module offers specific features and capabilities to meet each business’s unique and changing transportation management system requirements. Whether you need to expedite contract management in sea freight shipments, or book last-minute air freight, Logistician’s TMS software solutions handle all aspects of international trade logistics, with support for your teams where needed.

Integration for Smoother Co-ordination. Integrate your operational systems to co-ordinate inventory orders with goods in transit and placing supply chain purchases instantly.  Become more transparent, while sharing data securely with business partners.  Collaborate easily internally and externally.  Manage data with pre-existing professional network connections.

Modular TMS Software Solutions Available

The Logistician Transportation Management System modules support supply chain solutions in:

  • Contract management, including up to the moment buy and sell rates and T’s and C’s adjustments
  • Fleet management detail, such as load optimisation, capacity management and security
  • Automated processing of bookings and even tendering to free up resources
  • Tracking and visibility of multi-modal shipment, including inventory and regulatory filing status
  • Freight audit in real time across ‘less than truckload’ LTL or full truckload (TL) contracts
  • Integration to Logistician’s direct delivery brokering and freight forwarding services with your key internal data systems.Integrates to CRM and ERP systems.

On Demand Transport Management System (TMS)

Talk to Logistician’s Transport and Logistics TMS specialists to ask how you can automate your transport on demand services, save time, money, litigation, stress and downtime.